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At CeeLink Media, we’re looking to switch up the status quo. That’s why we started CeeLink Media – a revolutionary startup that supports like-minded people who want to be frank and forthright without being shut down.

Stay tuned for social networking and chat apps without the usual filters triggering second thoughts over what you’re not supposed to post – energizing, real-life opinions on politics and current affairs – and what’s socially acceptable. Welcome to CeeLink Media. Welcome to content and communication that’s unfiltered. Unhypocritical. Uninhibited. Unreal.

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Get Donald

Your Mission

At CeeLink Media, we’re asking you to join The 20% Challenge. We’re intending for a fifth of the U.S. population to come together and fight for peace and unity by downloading our first app, GetDonald. Supporting this engaging mobile game sends a clear message for inclusiveness and equality against the burgeoning racial tensions in the United States and worldwide.

The aim of the game is to stop Donald from reaching the White House. You alone have the power to halt this catastrophic event and save the United States – and the rest of the world – in the process.

But you need to be quicker than the game's big-mouthed billionaire character. The power-hungrybusiness mogul is going to turn the nation upside down … unless you block him in his path. Engage the power-ups to build the brick wall that’s about to be carted off to the Mexican border to stop Donald instead, and make the most of a few other surprises too.

Throw yourself into this challenge, change the course of the election and HELP MAKE AMERICA GREAT FOR EVERYONE. Join The 20% Challenge. Search for GetDonald in the App Store and the Google Play Store to download the game.



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You have the power to build the Wall before Donald does.

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